Amber Moon


I am an independent Tarot and Tea Leaf Reader from England (UK) with 15+ years of experience in the divination field. I am clairsentient, clairaudient and have the natural ability to scry. Also a fully qualified Reiki Master and Crystal Therapist- I often incorporate these elements in my Tarot readings. I work with a variety of Tarot decks and spreads to provide on point insight into many areas of your life. I have read the cards for lots of private clients over the years, and many have returned for follow up readings and remained faithful customers ever since. I have received some exceptional feedback for my services. I look forward to reading for you soon!

You are seen by the man in question as a bit of a soft touch unfortunately. He does not treat you fairly in the relationship although you have confronted him over this issue many times- still, he does nothing about it. I see that money is of importance here too, and I feel that this is because your finances are ‘abused’ by him. If I am wrong (I don’t think I am) he definitely benefits from your finances in some way as I’m hearing ‘Take, take, take’- but no Give, give, give! Be mindful of this, be strong, and next time say no!





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  1. You know lately there has been nothing but negtive in my home. I try to think positive but ts hard to. You see i let a cousin of mine move in him and his gf!! At the same time me and the one i miss start to argue a lot cause im stressed out over the people i have staying here! I dont know whay to do. I really wish mario would talk to me and come for me . thank you my friend for my reading

  2. hello i’m the new person on the block my name is roshaunda and i’m not sure how your reading work but i would like to say is your reading sure do hit home for me for someone who doesn’t need your sign nor your date of birth your reading do hit home…

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