Angel Goddess

You are being called to do the right thing for your life this month and to really focus, take a step back to see the bigger picture. A very influential man is here and this is possibly to do with legal matter around your Ex. Life is going to speed up for you quite suddenly and that lonely feeling that came out of your last relationship is going to push you towards getting back in charge of your life again, literally getting the show back on the road. Financially, things will pick up and become more stable ..

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13 Replies to “Angel Goddess”

  1. Yes but were not married. You’ve been dealing with a lot he moved to texas and the third person lives in new Mexico and they are togther my heart is broken he was my everything. Im sorry ive been crying every scence i found out.

  2. Wow! Ms Angel. I really love my readings i do miss mario. And i have been trying my best not call him or text. I feel that kimmy has his mind all over the place his bos didnt want to go. I pray i hear from him thank you my friend

  3. Thank You for your beautiful reading,as I see this man cannot help me! It’s all about show me what you can do for me! I’ll just let go& let God!

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