I am a spiritual Psychologist and have been Psychic from an early age and use a combination of Tarot and spirit guides to channel messages. I use the Thoth Tarot because I find that the imagery really talks to me and I have recently adopted the Wild Unknown Tarot which is a more contemporary deck and can sometimes give a modern twist to readings. For some questions I use the Leonmard Deck too but I do enjoy reading the Tarot and have a number of regular clients. I can help you choose the best pathway through where you are now to ensure that you have all the information you need to move forward.

It feels like someone is trying to exercise their control over you and it isn’t working. Be elusive, get on with what you know is necessary and try not to look back. Looking back will take you back to the ‘same old’ and you need something different.

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  1. Thank you my friend l. I can relate to this. The man that i really like twice because of bad relasionship ive had i am not able to really trust anyone. But these afternoon i heard from mario after two weeeks him not talking to me i pray he decides to stay this time

  2. Good morning. Yes that is so true! Past relasionships were very bad ones! I meet someone. And because of my past experience i assumed the worst of him. For that im sorry.

  3. I realy enjoy your reading. It already happend i lost my love entrance yesterday again we just trying to work it out then someone now mario is gone.

  4. So ture. My love has left for the 3rd time, but still feels like he dominates everything in my life. I want to move forward.

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