The 3 of Diamonds can indicate a coming together to discuss ideas and to make plans for the future. This could be a creative group planning a project or a business conference etc. Listen to all ideas and consider them carefully before making a decision.

Readings within One Hour!

This is a service only available in the UK where you use your phone for payment. The cost is £1.50 per message and for each question you ask you receive up to 3 messages. This is an ideal service if you want quick answers to burning issues.

Eddie and other members of the eMystics Team will be available until 11pm today.

Simply Text FLAME then send your Question to 88833

Example – Text FLAME

Is he my soulmate?  send to 88833
The cost is £1.50 per message. You will receive up to 3 messages per question*

*Texts cost £1.50 per message received + standard network rate messages. Maximum 3 replies per question. Users must be 18+ and have the bill payers permission. For entertainment purposes only. We cannot answer questions on legal matters, health or pregnancy. We may send free promotional messages. To opt out, text ‘STOP’ to 88833. Service Provided by Digital Select Ltd. Helpline: 03301039999

56 Replies to “Constantin”

  1. Thank my friend. The one that i have been missing sent me a message today. I really miss him. To many people couldn’t stand to see me smile for the first time scene my other half did five years they did everything and everting to make me look bad non of it was true about me. So ive been here crying every scen. But i hope decides ti stay this time. So i can smile again. Thank you my feiend

  2. Wow! Thank you his ame is mario and he is nice man he has been hurt before. And we just startes talking again. After a big fight we had awhile ago due to me always being lied to by others i assumed he was doing the same to me. You just subscribe him. Thank you i really enjoy your reading

  3. I did meet that man with a beautiful smike his name ismario gonez he just broke my heart. The other man you discrib louie mintijo he is from my past. I wish he would come back! You d
    See it was cause my cousins did like gim imeet him when a year ago. After we had to stop see each other that is when i meet mario he is very tall and very handsome. I wish louie would come back. Thank you for my reading maybevmy wishes will come true

  4. Gd after noon constantin I look forward 2 you’re readings but unfortunately ths doesn’t reasonate as I’m a single mum not interested in woman …. N it’s autumn time for hot choco’s marshmallows cream n cozy ngts in wth family ❤️ Much luv n light

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