14 Replies to “Dane”

  1. Dane seems to be connected to what I am going through. She seems to know I am not in a relationship but I am trying to find my true love.

  2. I love your readings, they are very accurate and and positive
    I really enjoy listening
    Thank you so much and I will order full reading soon
    Thank you
    Sending you my love

  3. Omg that was unbelievable accurate reading,what’s happening here and now was 100% accurate.Realy amazing.
    I got tears in my eyes cause besides me you were only one that could see and feel what I feel right now
    Thank you Dane
    God bless you

  4. I want you to know that I appreciate your free daily readings with all my heart.
    I will purchase from you my reading as soon as I can cause I really trust your accuracy. Thank you Dane

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