Hello, I am Ester; an intuitive psychic, spiritual medium and tarot reader for 25 years. I come from many generations of mystics originating in Eastern Europe. I have walked many paths before my call to walk the path of the shaman. I only work with The Great Spirit, angels, and beings of light to channel an accurate reading and help with your burning issues.  My specialties are the matters of the heart, for I believe Love is the vehicle for all.

8 of Wands reversed 6 of Swords reversed

The two cards flew out of the pack and both landed in a reversed position. I am sensing some travel plans are going to get cancelled or postponed. The 8 of Wands is also a card of news or post and so here I am feeling, that it could also relate to some kind of message or a post, or package that was coming to you from overseas is getting lost in the mail.  I am  also seeing that someone who has been travelling is going to return back. Not to worry for everything happens for a reason I hear in my mind and I feel that something that was previously hidden away from you will be revealed. There is a feeling of “not out of the woods yet.” and a slight sensation of feeling bit blue, not necessarily depressed but just feeling blue. I sense of someone losing faith. Well do not, you must keep your faith and hope for this is just a passing phase and the sun will come out again to the sky and all will be well again in your world. A, J, S, H, Q, F, O, X and Z are the letters coming to me for connection.


13 Replies to “Ester”

  1. Thank you very much. You are so intune with energies. As randomn as this is I know nothing is by fault but destiny. Much appreciate your abilities and the way deliver your message.🌹💗

  2. I would like to thank you. You see i do have a lovr enterence his name is mario. He is a virgo we got into sn argument sevral werks ago. It seem like every time get close to being happy somethin happen. I wish mario would give me one more chance. I thsnk you becausi conect with your reading.

  3. Ester i do connect with your readings. I just wish mario gomez does come and get me like we planed for his birthday these month. But because of these two women were are apart again. Imiss him

  4. Thank you so much for your free readings
    Very very accurate and I am connected to all of them but my financial situation doesn’t allow me to make a purchase but I will very soon
    Thank you and god bless

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