Madam Devine

Looking into the ball you are looking confused, I get the feeling that you have made some kind of decision lately and are now worried that you have made the wrong one! However the sun in the distance is showing the light at the end of the tunnel, you are on the right path but things are just taking a little longer than you would like, hang in there you will get there eventually. I can feel a warmth and the color red is there and a feeling of contentment which only a true soul mate can bring, so you don’t have too long to wait ,you will meet them sooner than you think! The no 44 is there and the letter H.

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The cost is £1.50 per message. You will receive up to 3 messages per question*

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62 Replies to “Madam Devine”

  1. I am amazed at madam Devine so uncanny her predictions are with details of month s and numbers and on point a very gifted lady

  2. Wow iam amazed by your readings sometimes they resonate and help me with daily life. Thank you i look forward to opening my emails from you.

  3. Thank you. I ve been helping a family member out him and his gf! And has been the worse exprince ever. They both disrespect me .they dont help me the bills. They fight and dreak all my stuff! And yes the letter ( M) does mean something the man that i miss his name is mario we have started talking again im supposed to go spend time with him n his birthday next month i pray i can go.

  4. Thank you my friend. My love entrance marii gomez going through somehard times. But like i was telling these women dont want us together. Belia and kimy bellia is a older then him and i. And kimmy is i think younger. I wish theu stop thsnk you again for my reading

  5. You are right my friend. His name is mario and because of his kimmy he left. Why do women like that always get what they want its not fair. Ive been there for him not her she puts guilt on him im so hurt. Thank you my friend for my readings

  6. Thank you for your readings but this is what is going on!I am not looking for a mate right now! I just in need of money! I keep being around Leo women and their mates. I don’t want anything from them! I am not into women, why do they keep showing up?

  7. The person that mario left me for i wish would come back and talk to me. Her name starts with a ( k). Mario is itatailn his dad side. Thank you my reading mean a lot to me they do help me understand. Thank you again my friend

  8. Thank you! I know that I didn’t make the wrong decision, this person is very insecure and I am being cautious yet protective of myself.

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