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“Mysti is such an incredible lady with great intuition she has got everything so accurate on my circumstances if you want a reading this is the one you need to choose I would highly recommend her 100 percent x”

I have been giving readings for 15 years & use a mix of cards & insight to create a picture that hopefully brings the answers people are looking for. Unfortunately sometimes it’s not always the result you wish for, but I always like to find some resolution that brings people peace. Being a naturally gifted healer I find that is the nature of my readings too! Truth may sometimes be hard but it’s necessary to heal so I will share what I’m sent however tough it may be.

Latest Free Written Reading – The Tower – Looks such a scary card this one, and it does normally foretell of some kind of disastrous event coming up for people.  I normally find that when we need to get rid of something or someone in our lives, and we hang on regardless, that this card comes in to give us one last warning that either we do this in our own space and our own time, or spirit will come along and do this for us in not such a pleasant way.  I have had a few tower cards in my past and I have started to learn that if this comes along then I need to identify what I really need to let go of and start to do this for myself.  The consequences are never good when you force spirit to do it for us.  I feel that there is something around you right now that you know you should have let go of a long time ago, and this card is saying do this now before you have to learn the hard way.  Take control and regain your personal power by doing this on your own terms.

9 Replies to “Mysti”

  1. Mysti is the kindest and most caring lady with a beautiful soul who offers guidance and clarification in such a gentle and positive way!!
    I would be lost without you, Lisa
    Thank you so much 😚😚

  2. Yes the Tower does accurately describe what has happened and this ex that must be released. Mystic has a wonderful gift and interprets things in a way I resonate with xx

  3. Thank you misty,I love listening to ur reading, I love ur voice and energy
    Very very accurate but my financial doesn’t allow me to make a purchase
    I will soon
    Thank you and god bless

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