Love Him Hate Him. Break Up, Make up. Round and round and round we go.

The chemistry is unlike any you’ve ever experienced before. It’s so powerful that the meeting of your two souls seems to have ignited a chemical reaction and you are both forever changed. The intensity can be overwhelming, which is why soulmates are often apart for a while. He may not call for weeks or months even because of it.  It scares him away, he feels like running or just hiding out…..yet he comes back eventually time and time again. Will he ever get off the carousel ride? What is the purpose of your soul connection with this man who drives you absolutely mad?  Is he really your soulmate? Find out today with Rainha‘s Soulmate Reading!!!  The Audio reading will be emailed to you. Order Now only £22

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This is a service only available in the UK where you use your phone for payment. The cost is £1.50 per message and for each question you ask you receive up to 3 messages. This is an ideal service if you want quick answers to burning issues.

Eddie and other members of the eMystics Team will be available until 11pm today.

Simply Text FLAME then send your Question to 88833

Example – Text FLAME

Is he my soulmate?  send to 88833
The cost is £1.50 per message. You will receive up to 3 messages per question*

*Texts cost £1.50 per message received + standard network rate messages. Maximum 3 replies per question. Users must be 18+ and have the bill payers permission. For entertainment purposes only. We cannot answer questions on legal matters, health or pregnancy. We may send free promotional messages. To opt out, text ‘STOP’ to 88833. Service Provided by Digital Select Ltd. Helpline: 03301039999


40 Replies to “Rainha”

    1. This Angel is the most wonderful person love her to bits she gives her all and more would trust her to the end of the world and back you will find the truth that radiates from her readings❤️

  1. If I could get a free oracle reading it would be greatly appreciated. I also love the other free daily readings that come through to my emails too,thank you Emystics 😃 x

  2. I have always found Rainha’s readings very accurate. She has a sunny nature and found her very down to earth. Hits the nail on the head always.

  3. So happy I found emystics x Rainha is amazing …her recent reading has really given me the guidance that I needed…..look forward to receiving free readings daily from all readers too x

  4. Love my readings by Rainha.. Can honestly say every one has resonated with me..please don’t leave emystics.. Thankyou x

  5. I just love Rainha!!!❤. She is very, very accurate…truly gifted! I’ve been reading with her for several months now, and she has helped and guided me so much. Thank you so very much Rainha!!❤.

  6. Look forward to Rainha’s Reading so much very helpful
    Just love all the free readings at emystics all so very good. Thanks 😊

  7. Love rainhas readings she has been a great support and hope for me these last few months especially with my situation. She always picks up how I feel xx

  8. My favourite reader of all !!! its like she’s stepped in your life walked your path every reading is gobsmackingly 100% accurate she will answer any questions you have and give advice and guidance such a warm kind hearted lady hear audios are a true Joy XXXX ❤️

  9. I absolutely look forward to my free readings from Rainha..such a beautiful person who gives me accurate insight and guidance..she does it with passion and warmth

  10. Every time you hear one of Rainha’s Dailey readings it’s as if she’s continually tuned into your life and everything seems to just fit , she has a friendly and positive outlook that is very reassuring x

  11. Thank you sweetie so much I love listening to ur voice and love your energy
    Readings are very accurate but my financial situation doesn’t allow me to make a purchase army this time but I will soon
    God bless

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