The Nine Of Disks means security, this is something you need in a relationship. I have a feeling in the past you have been let down in relationships and in the future you need someone you can rely on. You need to feel they shall be there for you in the good times and the not so good because every relationship does go through times of challenge and you need to know that when this happens you can rely on the other person to be there for you. You have perhaps held back from trusting people because of aspects of the past. This person in your life shall be someone you can rely on and you shall see they bring back your trust in relationships.

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61 Replies to “Ron”

  1. Thank you Ron, you always know how to uplift my spirit on the situation that I go there on a daily basis. I always look forward to reading your readings everyday

  2. As per Ron is spot on 👌 I am goin through a tough time and I always put other peeps needs and wants before my own .. Thnk u Ron 4 ure guidance it’s always a great pleasure reading ure daily advice and spirit uplifting reading much luv n light rose ann 🌟 kp up the good wrk ure doin an amazing job 😊 🙏

  3. Thank you. I did connect to my reading i feel its about a man i meet last year . i did like him. He came back just recent. But my family doesnt like him so he left i havent seen or heard frim him scen that day. Thank you my friend

  4. Wow! Thank you i have been dreaming if my ex louie a lot lately ive been having a feeling he us going to show up when i least expect it. Thank you for my reading

  5. Yes that is so true about louie montijo. When i meet him when moved here he told me he had a lot going on with his ex. And when o meet mario he found out came back now i havent heard from him. Thank you my friend

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